Our designs

Our designs

In our quest to deliver high end designs, MAYZ carefully selected the first group of registered designers and have them set a benchmark for expected designs quality. 

"everything is designed, few things are designed well" ... Brian Reed

Details, details, details!

The key difference between a fine production and a mediocre one is the attention to details. Paying attention to details does always benefit both sides, the customer and the producer. 

MAYZ is an amazing chance to all levels of furniture makers to step up the competition and build a high end furniture piece by offering them detailed drawings for the intended furniture design. The drawings include different-angles computer images, with technical documents for measurements and specifications.  This leaves no room for error to help our makers manufacture the item in place accoridng to the deisgner's intention and customer's expectation.

Beside the above service, we do also control the quality of published deisgns in many ways. MAYZ allow designers to register from anywhere and upload their deisgns for free, yet we do not publish those deisgns for MAYZ visitors unless at least one furniture maker had reviewed and approved those designs. By this MAYZ make sure that the published drawings are realistic and executable.

On the other hand MAYZ does review the database of deisgners periodically to assure the quality of all designs promoted on our platform.