The Idea of MAYZ

The Idea of MAYZ

Most of us recognize how a beautiful piece of furniture in our house can boost our moods. Yet, the jounry to find such a beautiful piece might not be that beautiful by itself.

Lets say you needed to a multi-purpose coffee table, a one you can use as a storage too, and comes in a specific color. You will turn your car on and physically visit many furniture stores in your region to explore their collections. You might not find it in the first 3 stores that you visited, which forces you to visit other stores the following day hoping to find your need. Most of the times, you will end up comprimisng your list of needs to select a ready available design, or starting a different journey.

Your new and different journy will be in browsing images of coffee tables from the internet, in a hope to find a similar idea to the one in your mind!. With a great chance to get lucky and find what you like, you will start another journey!. The journy of finding a furniture maker or carpenter with a convenient offer for you.

MAYZ idea is the idea that occured to every person who lived this story at least once in their life!

MAYZ serves you by collecting beautiful furniture and home accessories designs from everywhere and list for you direct offers from furniture makers in your country. To make things more convenient to you, MAYZ do also control the quality of the produced piece by providing the design details for the maker.

Other services? well, yes! MAYZ do hold your payment for the piece you chose as an escrow service and doesnt release it to the maker until we assure your satisfaction of the final product.

If those services enhanced your furniture shopping experience, then MAYZ had achieved the goal it was created for.